Andrea Jäger


I have been accompanying adults and young people with all my heart for 20 years. My training as a SE TM practitioner (Somatic Experiencing®), according to Peter Levine, allows me to combine the treatment of the consequences of trauma and body therapy. I have the federal diploma certified as a complementary therapist in Craniosacral Balancing®.

I started my therapeutic career as a psychodrama director, and with my experience as a learned learning love teacher, I can round off a wide range of process-oriented work. I offer individual and couple sessions in German, English and Italian.


When processing overwhelming experiences, Somatic Experiencing® makes it possible to cautiously approach such experiences and work through them successfully in a far-reaching process.

In the SE TM work, attention is directed both to the physical perceptions and the mental and emotional experiences associated with the traumatizing experience. This leads to a gentle, slow discharge of the held energy and a return to natural self-regulation connected with more vitality, well-being and resilience. In SE TM work, attention isn't drawn to the memory of the traumatizing event instead to how this experience shows itself in a person here and now.


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