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Katrin Sophie Anliker

Craniosacral Therapist

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Being able to work as a craniosacral therapist is enriching and very fulfilling for me. After a career as a graphic designer and art director in the fast-paced and colourful business world, I found myself in a crisis due to an accident. During this challenging time, a craniosacral therapist accompanied me through a long process of transformation; I noticed an increase in sensitivity and an increasing need to be able to work in a process-oriented way.


A study at the ICSB followed this to become a craniosacral therapist specialised in craniosacral biodynamics. I also attended further training such as Diamond Logos Teachings, the baby and children's course, a communication course and several training modules in Polarity Therapy. Through these and other personal experiences, I can now accompany and support people in phases of significant challenges through deep understanding, acceptance and empathy.

For more information

Phone +41 787 48 03 30

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